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Russia | 2019 | Comedy | 3min

On the busy streets of Moscow, most events seem insignificant. But among the city’s many stories, a man comes in contact with a car accident and one of the people involved…

Title: Nevezuchiy

English Title: Unlucky

Written and Directed by: Marcos Mereles

Produced by: Edgar Burenkin

Esteban Mereles

Marcos Mereles

Country: Russia

Language: Russian

Length: 3min

Cast: Andrey Korsunov


festivals, awards & nominations

 • FilmSlam Competition / Cleveland International Film Festival 2020 (United States) / OSCAR Qualifying

 • Short Cut Competition / Capri Hollywood International Film Festival 2020 (Italy)

 • FilmBath Festival 2019 (United Kingdom)

 • International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2020 (Germany) / FIAPF Accredited

 • International Competition / International Short Film Festival of Cyprus 2020 (Cyprus) / European Film Award Qualifying

 • Nominated for 'Best Short Short' / New Renaissance Film Festival London 2020 (United Kingdom)

 • Nominated for 'Best Original Score' / Southampton International Film Festival 2020 (United Kingdom)

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